An open-source application to be Director of Glasgow School of Art

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UPDATE 4: The Film of the Event!

UPDATE 3: An Event! (05.02.20)

UPDATE 2: The Response!

UPDATE: Application submitted. (It was at 11:59). You can read it, or add comments, here. Massive thank you to everyone who has contributed/supported.

This is an open set of google documents which will form the basis of a collective application (with no one specific name attached) to the role of director of Glasgow School of Art (GSA) - please forward to anyone you think would be interested. It exists as a way to positively discuss the future of GSA, for the extended community of GSA; staff, students and friends of the institution, past, present and future.


This is a project. It was set up with semi-serious intent. We don’t for a minute expect that the glorious collective hive-mind that may emerge here will be given an interview for this job, but we hope it will provide a useful forum for discussion about positive ways forward for GSA. The group will still write a joint application anyway, informed by the ideas that get put forward, in the open, and publish it, in public, so to speak. 


Join in here. The google form provides a way for you to put forward ideas that you think are critically important for the future of GSA. There are ideas for themes and some provocations here, but please submit ideas that are important to you, these are only meant as discussion starters. There’s also a twitter account here, where you can follow the discussion: @gsadirector

Join the mailing list here


The deadline for applications for this job is midday Friday 13 December (😬). The google forms will be open for responses between now and then, and will close at the point a new director is appointed. From 6-11 December they will be open to all ideas, thoughts and suggestions. From 11-12 December there will be an attempt to distill these discussions/ideas in to an application. This application will be written as an open document. 

GROUND RULES: The group is open, it isn’t private. Anything you post on the google forms can be read by anyone. Please keep things positive and constructive and to-the-point. No naming names. Respond to others as if you were in the same room as them, speaking face to face. Any negatives (and they are of course valid and important to discuss) can always be reframed as a positive alternative or suggestion for better ways of doing things. Lols are as important (more important?) than lengthy pseudo-intellectual essays. Emojis welcome. Please thankyou.